A random note.


Ein Kuchenheber ist für gehobene Kuchen, somit Teil der gehobenen Küche.

Alternativ: Ein Kuchenheber ist für das Anheben von Kuchen. Diese sind dann Teil der gehobenen Küche.

Set Theory

A set theorist talking not that clearly: “Forol en an em, either eninem, enisem or eminen!” Which is actually true in the context of von Neumann natural numbers. Sadly, never eminem and there’s no use for emanems.

There is an “em en A” and an “en en A” but no “en em A”.

Übersetzen und Verschieben

Let JJ be a jug of milk. Let TT be a group which acts on JJ. Then the elements of TT are called “translaitors” and for each translaitor tTt \in T, the corresponding automorphism JJJ \to J induced by the action of tt on JJ is called its corresponding “translaition”. Some authors say that “the translaitor tt stirs JJ”.


What could a counteryodel be? Maybe a counterargument or counterexample presented as a yodel. Or yodeling mixed with counterpoint (a composition technique).


Are you into ψφ\psi\varphi stories, like from Isaac Asimov?

Credits for this one go to a friend of mine. He pointed it out during a lecture. The sentence into which I embedded it, „ist auf meinem Mist gewachsen.“