Links to other websites, blogs etc. I like.


  • Meet the n-lab, a wiki where mathematics is presented from the view of (higher) category theory. Also lots of constructive ideas, topos theory, type theory, HoTT. These people also have a blog called “n-category café” with lots of interesting stuff.


  • Eine (schweizer) Apothekerin bloggt als Pharmama. Teils sehr amüsant („Haben Sie diese Pille auch in Grün?“), teils sehr ernsthaft (z.B. über das schweizer Gesundheitssystem oder ihre Arbeit während der Pandemie).

Art (Webcomics)

In no particular order.

  • Parallax had to end earlier than the author initially intended. But that’s not very relevant, because it’s still a great comic about opening up to other people.
  • In White Noise you also find a very diverse set of characters. War between humans and Aetheri (magic-folk) dominates the lives of the siblings Hawk and Liya. Complications and politics.
  • Year in Hereafter makes me say “Ooh, so pretty!” on each page. An adventure, where a fantasy world tries to invade our human world through a swamp in Finland.
  • General Protection Fault has lots of techno babble. Initially (in 1998) focused on a software company, now Earth is lost and found again. If you liked Star Trek, you’ll probably like this.
  • Darken. Like a DnD campaign, but played by evil guys. The same author now writes/draws Widdershins, a Victorian England with emotion-based magic.
  • The Glass Scientists. Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean everything you do is right. What is a mad scientist to do in the strict world of Victorian London?
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent plays 90 years after most of humanity was wiped out by a respiratory infection turning people into zombies. Started in 2013 before, COVID-19 was a thing. Content warning: Gore and horror. I like this comic of that author, but don’t share the same worldview as her (which she doesn’t present in SSSS).
  • A lot of these webcomics are published by Hiveworks Comics where there’s good webcomics for young and old. Some good ones I didn’t mention specifically, like Stutterhug (always short, cute and sweet), Bookwyrms (Books. Lots of them), Parisa (an adventure)
  • For completeness: xkcd